Here are some FAQs about FHC.

What should I bring to my appointment?

We get this one all the time. A "theatre" is a venue that shows live performances, while a "theater" mainly shows movies. Now you're in the know 😉

  • ID
  • Insurance Card
  • List of Current Medications
  • Legal Documents Relevant to Treatment/Custody

What kind of services are offered in the Primary Care Clinics?

Our Washington Avenue and Pike County Family Health Center Offices provide well-care visits, school physicals, acute care, treatment for chronic illnesses including but not limited to allergies, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, and the associated lab tests.

What holidays are the clinics closed?

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and in 2024 Eclipse Day April 8th.

Do you still have access to Good Samaritan medical records?

Yes! The FHC utilizes the EPIC health management record system and is the same system as Good Samaritan Hospital.

Do you have a 24 Hour Call Line?

The Family Health Center offers a 24-hour crisis call line for anyone in need. Please call 1.833.644.3575

Why am I being asked the Medicare Questions repeatedly?

The Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) provision protects the Medicare Trust Fund from making payment for patient services when another entity (insurance company) has the responsibility of covering the cost first. Any entity providing services to Medicare patients must determine if Medicare is the primary payer.

Do you have child therapists in locations other than the Willows?

Yes, they are located in the Daviess County FHC and Washington Avenue FHC.

Do you offer payment plan options?

The Family Health Center understands the hardships patients/clients may experience and will work with patients to resolve your balance. Payment plans can be arranged by calling the FHC Billing Office at 812-494-9500. Patients can choose the day of the month the payment is due. The FHC does require a minimum payment amount, below are the requirements

  • Under $100 = $25/month
  • $100 to $200 = $35/month
  • $201 to $300 = $45/month
  • $301 or above = $50/month

Are you still connected to Good Samaritan?

The former Samaritan Center merged with the Family Health Center on July 1, 2023 and both entities are governed by the Family Health Center.

Do you have Walk-In Appointments?

YES! We provide walk-in/same day appointments for family health at our Washington Avenue FHC Office. Those appointments are available Monday through Friday 8:00am to 1:00pm. These appointments are for all ages and you do NOT need to be an established patient to use this service.

Behavioral health walk-in/same day appointments are as follows:

  • Bayou Family Health Center in Vincennes operatesTuesday through Thursday for adults aged 18 and older for severe mental illness, chemical dependency, and judicial services. YOU MUST BE CHECKED IN PRIOR TO 8:00AM TO RECEIVE SERVICES!!
  • Daviess Family Health Center in Washington operates Wednesday and Thursday for adults aged 18 and older for chemical dependency and judicial services. YOU MUST BE CHECKED IN PRIOR TO 8:00AM TO RECEIVE SESRVICES!!

Why do I have to complete multiple PHQ9 forms?

The PHQ9 form monitors depression and suicidal ideation and ensures we are providing the right mental health treatment each visit and to protect each patient.

How can I pay my bill?

You can make payments at your provider’s office, through the MyChart portal, or here on website **please insert the link that takes them to the place to pay their bill**

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