Our FHC Wraparound Facilitators recently attended Crisis Booster training in Indianapolis and hosted by the Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addiction, DMHA.  The training provided new information on how the staff can better support the families they work with to develop a specific crisis plan for the family.

As we know, each person is unique and not all situations will be the same. This training reinforced the existing principles for the wraparound program but also new evidenced based methods that have proven successful.

Our Wraparound process is an intensive, individualized care management process for youths with serious or complex needs. The team not only works with the child but also provides support to the parents at home.

During the training the DMHA recognized the FHC Wraparound team for developing crisis plans for students and their families utilizing the crisis cycle.  Using this method in creating crisis plans for families, the Wraparound process empowers the family to handle crisis situations independently and gives them hope of reaching their family vision.

We are proud of our Wraparound facilitators and program!! They continue putting in the work to deliver high fidelity services to the families they serve. Pictured left to right are Madeline Dills Wraparound Team Leader, Cheryl Hagemeier, Shayla Hughes, Eden Daugherty, and Krystin Nelson.  Great job ladies! Thank you for all you do!

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